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3rd Edition Macro and Micro Full Pack & BRAND NEW Examples for Exams Pack

Unique, revolutionary and must have packs for your Economics study. Writing the same depth of analysis and evaluation with up to date relevant examples as in these packs will consistently score you top marks. Having these packs together will cover all topic areas and will set you up brilliantly for peak performance in Economics, be sure to get them now!
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"I just got my A level results today and I managed to smash an A*!!! I am so grateful for the packs because they have allowed me to completely fulfil my potential and the results have shown! I was the only person at my college to purchase this pack and I am also the only person to be awarded an A*. I can't thank you enough, the pack is worth its weight in gold and I truly believe it was the biggest contributor outside my own hard work to my grade. I can't show my appreciation enough!" - Callum (A Level Student)

"Having bought all of your books I managed to get a strong A – I definitely wouldn’t have achieved this without your books and videos, so thank you very much!" - Nour

Economics Revision Mastery
Workshop with EconplusDal

Master Economics for final exams with EconplusDal in this comprehensive and dynamic online workshop. Exam secrets, technique and essay writing skills will be unlocked, core content perfected and application nuggets delivered to push you to the highest marks in upcoming exams, presented in EconplusDal’s inimitable style. Build your Economics expertise, boost your marks and attend this unique, 2 day online event with EconplusDal. Spaces available are extremely limited so do book your place quickly!
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"Joining EconplusDal’s workshop was the single best decision I have made to improve my grade. EconplusDal is an outstanding teacher who goes the extra mile to ensure understanding of challenging topics. We were regularly given A* advice in sessions that is often not discussed but vital for getting top grades and standing out in essays. The sessions are fun, interactive and engaging, igniting a true passion for economics. There is a reason these events get sold out so quickly. Thank you EconplusDal!" - Adam O

"I wanted to thank you for your help during the revision workshop. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to get my A in Economics today. Thanks to you I've secured a place at Manchester to study PPE in September. Keep up the good work!" - Taylor

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A Big Welcome to EconplusDal - The Website

Virang Dal - YouTube Economist,
Teacher and Head of Economics

Welcome to EconplusDal, the website where you can access everything to help you smash your study of Economics. Check out my YouTube videos that cover everything in the Economics course as well as Products and Services I offer to help you build confidence and progress with your Economics study. Use this website to love and master Economics, the best subject of all!

"I took my Econ A levels in 2015, and because of you got a UMS of 100. Beyond helping me through my A levels, your consistent uploading continues to inspire me. To this day, as a 3rd year in LSE, I still watch your videos! keep doing what you're doing!"

Charys (Previous A Level Student now Economics Student at LSE)